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institute for meditation sciences (IMS)

The Institute for Meditation Sciences (IMS) is a scientific research organization focused on the development of evidence-based meditation interventions particularly for vulnerable populations. IMS is strongly rooted in a diversity of traditional meditation techniques, and through systematic scientific inquiry aims to provide personalized tools for society’s current needs. IMS focuses on advancing research on meditation by bringing together neuroscience, immunology, genetics, social and technological sciences. Meditation is a 5,000-year-old practice for wellness and spiritual development. Meditation Research is a recently recognized, exciting new field of science, and there has never been a better time to work collaboratively to protect people from misinformation, create wellness, and influence practices and laws that will positively impact the future of the next generations. Evidence-based science will increase our understanding of contemplative practices and facilitate the development of protocols that are appropriate for a variety of populations.

what we do
AMR Conference

The Advances in Meditation Research Conference Series, scientific meetings open to the public, were created to increase awareness, establish guidelines for quality in the field of contemplative sciences and engage policy makers.


Researchers at IMS are currently studying the effect of meditation on key stress pathways, cancer, pain and aging. These studies are reviewed by an Institutional Review Board, as by law, to ensure that participants are protected.


IMS will soon offer meditation-training programs for clinical professionals.

About Us
Institute for Meditation Sciences
Sonia Sequeira, PhD

Director of IMS

Institute for Meditation Sciences
Mahiuddin Ahmed, PhD

IRB chair of IMS

Institute for Meditation Sciences
Eileen Luders, PhD

Research Program Advisor for IMS